Baltimore City Landlords

New Baltimore City COVID-19 Restrictions starting January 22nd, 2021 at 5 p.m.



  • Indoor Gatherings at Public and Private facilities will be limited to no more than 10 persons
  • Outdoor gatherings at public and private facilities will be limited to no more than 25 persons.
  • Sports gatherings at facilities managed by Rec and Parks are prohibited

Religious Facilities

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy

Indoor Recreational Establishments

  • All indoor recreation sites except adult entertainment and hooah/cigar lounges will be allowed to reopen at 25% capacity

Outdoor Recreational Establishments

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy

Fitness Centers

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy
  • Fitness classes are allowed- 10 person limit- social distancing and masks required


  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy
  • Dining areas allowed to reopen, following the requirements of foodservice establishments

Foodservice Establishments

  • Outdoor dining can resume at 50% capacity. If space is tented, the tent needs to be open on all sides.
  • Indoor dining can resume at 25% capacity, but patrons are only allowed to stay for one hour.
  • Bars without food licenses will also be allowed to reopen- 50% outdoors, 25% indoors, 1-hour time limit (includes breweries)
  • Carry-out, delivery and drive-through service may continue.
  • All food service establishments must keep a log of contact information for patrons and staff for contact tracing purposes.

Personal Services

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy
  • Staff must wear face-covering at all times while indoors
  • Services must be provided on an appointment-only basis, and a log must be kept of names of customers, staff providing services, and other residents who enter the shop


  • May continue to operate with curbside pickup service

Museums Zoos, Aquariums

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy

Theaters and Outdoor Entertainment Venues

  • Live streaming of performance is allowed.


IMPORTANT Court Schedule Update!!  Rent Court is POSTPONED!

Maryland Courts Move Back to Phase 2 
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Maryland District Court has moved back to phase 2 through March 12,2021. This means:
1- Rent cases filed scheduled for last year are postponed until this year.
2- Rent cases scheduled for this year are currently still slated for their respective dates.
3- Rent escrow, breach of lease, tenant holding over, and wrongful detainer cases WILL go forward.
4- The court will continue to accept filings during this brief shutdown. We encourage you to continue to file. Waiting to file will only push you back further.
5- If you have any cases that are already scheduled (postponed or not) PLEASE let us know if the tenants have paid so we can notify the court. The more moot cases cleared from the schedule will help the court schedule new cases faster.
6- As COVID-19 has shown us, this is a fluid situation and could change in the future


Baltimore City Is Not Allowing Late Fees or Rent Increases

Due to the Baltimore City Council passing Bill 20-364, landlords in Baltimore City are not allowed to charge late fees or increase rent from March rent through 90 days after the Governor lifts the State of Emergency.

Any cases that we may have filed with late fees on them prior to today, those fees will be struck. 

The same applies to rent increases. If anyone has increased their rent since the expiration of the CARES Act and filed in rent court, please let us know ASAP, so we can lower the amount. You may increase the rent amount of any property if you get a new tenant in that property; this only applies to existing tenants.



2021 Lead Rental Renewal

2021 Lead Rental Registration Renewals are due to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) by December 31, 2020.


Failure to pay renewal fees by the due date of December 31, 2020, will result in penalties being assessed.


If you are paying the registration fee yourself online, please send us a copy of the receipt so we can update our files. 


To renew online, please go to You will need your 7 digit tracking number and your password to access your MDE account. If your tracking number is shorter than 7 digits, enter zeroes in the front of your tracking number. If you do not remember your password, please click the "Forgot Password" button. If you are unsuccessful resetting your password, email us at and in the subject line enter "Password Reset Requested."

If you have paid in person at MDE in the past, please note that in-person payments will only be accepted via a drop box outside the MDE lobby, and we are unable to provide receipts for these payments. For this reason, MDE strongly recommends that you renew online or by mail. In order to be complete, you must fill out and submit the entire renewal form with your payment. Please remember to update tenant turnover date and certificate number for each of your properties.

If you have any questions, please call the Lead Rental Registration Hotline at (410) 537-4199 or email at

Court Updates

On September 1, 2020, the CDC anounced that Landlords are unable to evict Tenants for the remainder of 2020. 

  • The stay on residential eviction orders is lifted on March 12,2021
  • Any FTP case filed from 3/27/20 thru 7/27/20 must be accompanied by a Declaration of Compliance with the CARES Act. (This time period is due to the Federal prohibition on evictions with federal subsidies or federally backed mortgages.)
  • Courts will reopen in Phases, including prioritizing the scheduling of cases.
  • Rent Escrow actions, provided local departments of health are able to provide inspection, tenant holding over actions trials, as well as Warrants of Restitution will begin on July 20, 2020 (Phase II)
  • FTP Rent cases will resume on August 31, 2020 (Phase IV) Courts fully operational on October 5, 2020 (Phase V) with rent court dockets expected to be staggered throughout the day, at least in Baltimore County
  • Court’s order is subject to change.

For more information click the Maryland Judiciary picture. 

New MDE Lead Compliance Standards

1.) New Maryland Dust-Lead Level Standards

Effective July 1 new standards for lead inspections will become law in Maryland, Matching EPA standards. Please refer to the below chart for the new micrograms per square foot requirements. Stricter standards, mean safer rentals and less lead exposure. 

2.) Maryland Healthy Children Act and Modified Risk Reduction Changes


In 2019, Maryland passed the Maryland Healthy Children Act. The law lowered the blood lead level that defines elevated blood lead (“EBL”) from greater than or equal to 10 μg/dl, to greater than or equal to 5 μg/dl, matching the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's blood lead reference level. On July 1, 2020, the events that trigger the modified risk reduction (MRR) standard will change under this 2019 law. Please carefully read the information below.


Currently (prior to July 1, 2020), there are two notifying events that trigger the MRR standard:

  1. A Notice of Defect notifying the owner of a pre-1978 rental unit ("Affected Property") about the chipping, peeling, or flaking paint (a “defect”) that exists inside and/or outside of the property.
  2. A Notice of EBL notifying the owner of an Affected Property that a child under the age of 6 years old or a pregnant woman living in the property has been diagnosed with a blood lead level of greater than or equal to 10 μg/dl.

These events require the owner to meet the MRR standard, satisfied by performing certain lead hazard reduction treatments and obtaining a new MRR lead inspection certificate within 30 days of receiving a Notice of Defect or Notice of EBL.


Effective July 1, 2020, a Notice of EBL will no longer trigger the MRR standard. A Notice of Defect will serve as the sole trigger for the MRR standard. To explain further:

  1. MDE or a local health department is required to perform environmental investigations for a child under the age of 6 years old or pregnant woman diagnosed with a blood lead level of greater than or equal to 5 μg/dl. If during the aforementioned environmental investigation, chipping, peeling, or flaking paint is observed by the inspector and the home is an Affected Property, a Notice of Defect will be issued by MDE or the local health department.
  2. Absent a diagnosis of EBL or an environmental investigation, a tenant or any other source may still issue a Notice of Defect to the owner of an Affected Property if chipping, peeling, or flaking paint exists inside and/or outside of the property.

In both cases, the rental owner will be required to meet the MRR standard within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Defect.





PSA About Limited Lead-Free Inspection Certificates:

A “limited lead-free” inspection certificate is a certificate in which only the interior surfaces of an Affected Property are lead-free, but the exterior painted surfaces of the Affected Property are not lead-free. In order to pass an inspection for a limited lead-free certificate, all exterior paint of the Affected Property must be intact. A limited lead-free inspection certificate has a two-year expiration date. Every two years, owners must recertify that the Affected Property is free of chipping, peeling, or flaking paint. If the limited lead-free inspection certificate expires and is not timely recertified by the owner, the owner must obtain a new limited lead-free inspection certificate for the Affected Property and pay MDE another $10 lead processing fee per property/unit.
Read the Law: Md. Code Ann., Environment § 6-804 and § 6-843; Code of Maryland Regulation 26.16.02

Changes to the Baltimore City Inspection Process


The time has come... the City of Baltimore recently passed legislation that requires all residential rental properties to be inspected by a State Licensed Home Inspector.

PLEASE download the form because things have CHANGED! 

Download the checklist 

Owners must install 10 year sealed battery smoke detectors in each sleeping area and on every level of the home and in compliance with the year your property was built.
Carbon Monoxide Alarms must be located outside of sleeping area and near fuel-burning heating units (if applicable).

Download the file below to see the new inspection sheet that will be used by all inspectors.

More information can be found here

Contact Information for Baltimore City regarding the new information is below: 

Property Registration and Licensing Division
417 E. Fayette Street, Room 100


Contact our office if you are looking for an inspector

Updated Inspection sheet as of 10/29/2018
Adobe Acrobat document [761.2 KB]
Checklist as of 10/29/18
Adobe Acrobat document [810.5 KB]

Multi Family Properties

Any MFDs must get a third party inspector. 

MFD Checklist as of 10/29/18
Adobe Acrobat document [547.8 KB]

The Difference Between Repairs and Improvements


Know which repairs landlords can deduct from their taxes.

New Water Billing System

The Department of Public Works (DPW) will start BaltiMeter Billing, a new water and sewer billing system that will enhance DPW's infrastructure and help to ensure customers receive efficient and reliable billing services.  The below information affects only City customers at this time. 

Please click the links below to receive information on the new billing system.

Understanding Your New Balt. City Waterbill
Understanding Your New Balt. City Water [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]
Understanding Your New Balt. City Water [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [497.2 KB]


Easy Ways to Process Your Water Bills

1) Contact DPW Billing at 410-396-5398 to have them mail a copy of your water bill to our Office. You can also submit this request online:


2) Pay the bill yourself. Forward a clear, official copy to Concords email ( so we can foward a copy to the tenant to seek reimbursement.


3) Upload an official, clear copy of the bill via your Owners’ Dropbox



Please click the following links below to receive information regarding changes to smoke detector laws for rental properties. A law requiring a smoke detector on each level of a home is now in effect in Maryland. 

A minimum of one smoke alarm is installed on every level of a home. Battery operated smoke alarms remain acceptable, but the law requires that the alarms be tamper proof and powered by long-life batteries, and possess hush button features to discourage unsafe removal.

New Smoke Detector Law
Smoke Detector Law.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]


Lead Rental Property Registry

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) have made changes in the law that will affect all rental properties built before 1978: (Search your ID # by clicking the button below)
  • All residential rental properties constructed prior to 1978 must comply with Maryland's Lead Risk Reduction in Housing Act 
  • For questions regarding registering or renewing your property, please email the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) here
  • Fee to the MDE is $30.00/unit.
  • All rental property owners in Maryland are encouraged to contract the Maryland Department of the Environment to acquire their MDE Owner Tracking Number at 410-537-4199, or for toll-free callers 1-800-776-2706. This number identifies YOU, the Owner, with the MDE, and will be the same for all rental properties YOU own under this name with the MDE.
Lead Inspection Certificates are required for each tenant turnover.

"What are my responsibilities as a rental property owner in Maryland regarding the lead poisoning program?"  

Concord has provided the following documents below for you to review and complete from the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE):

Lead Rental Property Registration Form
Lead Rental Property Registration Form.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [75.2 KB]
Owners Rights and Responsibilities
Lead Owners Rights and Responsibilities.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [411.4 KB]
Registration Information
Adobe Acrobat document [102.0 KB]
Online Registration Instructions
Adobe Acrobat document [131.1 KB]
Lead Fact Sheet
Adobe Acrobat document [301.1 KB]
Lead Standard of Care
Lead Standard Of Care.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [502.7 KB]
Educational Materials Required at Tenancy
Educational Materials Required at Tenanc[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [153.0 KB]
MDE Pamphlet Protect Your Family From Lead
MDE Pamphlet Protect Your Family from Le[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [673.9 KB]
Notice of Tenant's Rights Lead Program
NoticeTenants' Rights Lead Program.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [177.8 KB]

Lead accredited inspectors are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to answer your questions and schedule your appointment. 

Call Abode today at 410-661-6962


For more information about the laws and registration processes, contact Abode Home Inspections
Email Abode's office by clicking the icon below!
Baltimore City Property Registration
For rental property owners in Baltimore City, you must register each dwelling unit with:
  • The City of Baltimore annually. Contact the City of Baltimore at 410-396-3575 to request the registration materials. Fee to the City of Baltimore is $30.00/unit.
  • If you don't know, click the button below and search your property!

Property Management


Concord strives to facilitate the management of properties with owners rather than dictate the process. 


Who decides on the amount of monthly rent?  

  • You, the Property Owner.
  • Concord can offer assistance by providing Owners with information on rental amounts in the area.


How much does all of this cost me?  

  • All of Concord's services are provided for one, low, tax-deductible, monthly fee, which is generally 10% of the monthly rent. 


How do I get my money from Concord? 

  • Concord will disburse rent payments to Owner, once the Tenant payment has cleared Concord's account.
  • Concord can send payments to the Owner, or arrange for payments to be transferred to their personal bank if they are affiliated with PNC, M&T, Wells Fargo, Suntrust, SECU or Bank of America
  • A monthly statement and maintenance log will be emailed to the Owner for record keeping purposes. 
  • Concord may be able to set up ACH payments through your Banking institution

What happens if the tenant pays the rent late?

  • Concord has a strict policy on rent collections. All rents are due on or before the date designated in the lease agreement.
  • Tenants have a grace period of 3-5 days to pay for the rent in the lease agreement.
  • On the next day, following the grace period, Concord will start a District Court proceeding against the tenant. (See diagram below)
  • Concord also executes eviction proceedings against tenants in default. (Click the file dowload ABOVE)
  • The Owner is responsible for the charges regarding the eviction process.
  • Concord offers many options for the tenant to pay rent with our online rent service, 2 office locations, 5 bank affiliations, and personal pick ups.




How are repair items handled? 

  • It is expected that Property Owners allow Concord the leeway to make smaller day-to-day repair decisions.
  • Monies established in the Owner's Escrow Account will be used for these repairs with the Owner's approval.
  • This escrow account can be used to pay outstanding invoices and can be replenished by the collected rent or directly by an Owner's payment.
  • Owners can set their own limit for repairs, which can be made preauthorized, or would require the Owners authorization.
  • Any repair in excess of the escrow account balance will automatically require an Owner's authorization. 
  • Concord is affiliated with many different handyman companies for these repairs.
  • Concord has licensed Maryland Home Improvement contractors on staff, so you can be assured that the job wil be done correctly. 
  • With larger, non-emergency repair items, such as carpeting, Concord will contact the Property Owner with estimates from multiple contractors, to see how the Owner would like to proceed.
  • Owners are free to obtain their own estimates and arrange for the repairs themselves.
  • Emergency repairs will be handled immediately by Concord, but we will promptly notify the Owner.


How do I correspond with Concord? 

  • Concord is readily available to both Property Owners and Tenants by our phone, email, fax, and our website, 24/7.
  • We also provide cell phone numbers for staff members upon request for calls and text messaging.


What is the penalty to terminate my contract with Concord? 

  • Concord's job is to keep your business.
  • We are very confident that you will be satisfied with the services we provide you.
  • There is no risk to you when you hire Concord as your Property Manager.
  • Provisions regarding termination are outlined in each management contract. 
For Baltimore City Property Owners to keep in mind:
  • Be prepared for evictions and be educated on the current laws.
  • Each property needs to be registered annually for the city.
  • Each property needs to be registered annually with the state, if required by the MDE. (Click button below)
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in your eviction being delayed or canceled. 
  • Concord reassures you that the proper steps will be taken to remove a tenant from your property.

Landlord Dropbox Accounts


Concord offers cloud accounts through Dropbox to

view and access all documents for properties under CPM.

Tenant Placement Services


For those not interested in Property Management but seek help with tenant placement, Concord offers Tenant Placement ServicesConcord is able to assist with the following:


  • Advertising the property
  • Showing the property 
  • Screening applicants 
  • Preparing the lease and required documents
  • The general fee for tenant placement service is one full month's rent
  • Should Owner wish to have their property listed through MRIS, then an additional broker fee would be assessed

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New Client Checklist

New Client Checklist
Property Management New Client Checklist[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [54.2 KB]
W9 Form
Form W-9.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [90.9 KB]

Concord is BBB Accredited!



At Concord, we strive to obtain the trust and confidence of our clients.  Our client's satisfaction with the personalized attention and full range of services that we provide is our company's goal.


If you are one of our existing clients, we would be honored if you took the time to provide a testimonial to share on this web-site for others to review.  Please email us to submit your testimonial.  A referral from a client is the ultimate compliment for any business, and at Concord, we also work very hard to establish a close, professional relationship with the tenants of the properties we manage.  If you are one of our existing tenants or you have been one of our tenants in the past, we would appreciate your time to provide other prospective rental applicants with a testimonial about our company's service and management style. 

"I must say I was pleasantly surprised to receive rent last week as I was braced for the worst because of this COVID-19 mess. Thank you so much for your continued service and help with my property. It means a lot! I hope you and yours are safe and healthy!"


A new client with Concord that we just leased their property shared: "That is fantastic, we really appreciate the effort that was put into finding a tenant."



"Thanks again for everything. You've been awesome and I truly mean that. This whole house rental thing was not a apart of my plan, but you made it palatable. Wish I was there to convey this in person. You run a tight ship and y'all are an excellent property management group."

- Shawn 


"Thank you very much. I'm glad to see the extra renovations were worth doing. You do a great job if we've never told you that before. Thanks again."

- Jamie


"Thanks Tonya for all the help!! You've been great to help me finding the tenant in such short time frame. I will definitely refer my friends to you and concord property. Thanks." 

- WiIbur 


"Gosh where do I begin- Concord Property Management saved us a lot of money and "stress" by doing what they do so well. From the first day, Tonya and her staff had been more than helpful to educate us with our many questions about our new experience in using a management company. It's the best thing we ever did, was hire Concord. Our monthly statements and deposits were always on time and without errors. I feel she is fair with both  parties involved, and did a great job screening our tenant. You truly did make our lives less STRESSFUL! We would be more than happy to let Concord handle all our affairs again, should the need arise again. Thank you again."

- Joe & Cheryl Wrightson


"To Whom It May Concern:  Concord Property Management has been handling my home as a rental property for 4 years.  During that time, I have had not one complaint or misgiving regarding their business decisions.  The company is above board on all aspects.  They take great pride in their work, respond promptly to any situation that needs attention, and treat both the renter and owner with highest regard and respect.  I would recommend them most highly- I am very, very pleased with this company.  I can't imagine having to do this on my own!"

- Kathy Farrell Mary (Kathy) Farrell, Administrative Secretary

School Improvement, Instruction, and Administration/Title 1


"Concord Properties has been managing my two units for over two years.  They have always conducted themselves with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  There have been a few challenging situations that have come up during this past year in which Concord has gone above and beyond expectations to resolve.  I highly recommend their services."

- Charlie Belt


"As a first time landlord I had a lot of anxiety over getting my property ready to be converted into a rental.The abundance of paperwork for registering the Rental Property, meeting MDE Lead Certification Regulations, and finding, screening good tenants to occupy the property was daunting for someone that works a full time job.  I stumbled upon Concord Property Management in search for someone to help with the Lead Certification and what I actually found was a full service property manager that would coordinate all of the necessary paperwork, help get the property in shape for a lead inspection, perform the Lead Inspection and get the property good tenants. Over the last 2 years I have not had to do any maintenance or work associated with the property.  The Concord team has handled everything from fixing windows, painting, fixing doors and coordination with tenants.  Every month I receive the rent check, which is deposited directly into my account (talk about convenience) and a monthly Revenue/Expense statement.  At the end of the year Concord also issues out 1099s for tax purposes, making my life a whole lot easier.  Thank you to Tonya and the Concord team!"

- Jon Kraft/ Bowman Consulting


"My current experience using Concord as a property management company has been excellent. They are prompt in response to my needs and the needs of my renters. They also handle difficult situations in a very professional manner.  As a rental property owner I would recommend them to everyone."

- Sonya Smith-Valentine

"I have been working with Concord management for about five years and they continue to impress me just as if they were beginning a new customer! They are extremely reliable and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a management company."

- Dominic Cicero


"I am very impressed with the service I receive from Concord Property Management Service.  Anytime there is a problem with any of my properties, Mrs. Lurz takes care of it asap. Mr. Lurz does all the maintenance on my properties at a fair price.  He does an outstanding job on any work that needs to be done.  I will continue to use their services and I would encourage anyone who has rental properties and doesn't want the hassle to use their services."

- Velma Ames


"Concord has been my Management Company for the past 3 years  They have done an excellent job managing my properties.  They have always been honest with me. I have three properties with them and they have done a great job on all of them."

- Khalil Singh


"Concord Property Management has been handling our rental townhouse in Baltimore County for over 5 years. They handle all aspects of the rental including, at our request, any routine maintenance of the property We always receive the rent on time, along with a detailed spread sheet showing any expenditures for the month. If there are any major repairs that are needed we receive a call or e-mail with the explanation. Tonya and her husband Joel are first class and extremely professional. Our only regret is that we don’t have other rental properties for them to manage. We very highly recommend Tonya and Joel to handle any property management."

- Brian & Cherie Spector Easton, MD

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