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With more than 25 years experience in the rental property business, we understand the needs of both the Landlords and the Tenants.

If you want to enjoy your precious free time and not have to worry about the day-to-day headaches associated with your rental property investments, then call Concord Property Management and be assured your investments will be professionally managed.

A professional property manager can manage the day-to-day needs of your rental property, minimizing vacancies, and maximizing income.  Rental property managers handle the marketing of your property and screen for the best possible tenants to fill those vacancies.  They can coordinate routine and emergency repairs, handle rental agreements, collect rents, and respond to requests from tenants. 

Property managers might also be called real estate managers since they help property owners to optimize an important investment.  They are familiar with local, state, and federal laws.  They screen applicants to prevent bad tenants from renting your property, and they can help you evict a problem tenant if needed.  Property managers handle payables, making sure that rent is collected and premiums are paid so that mortgages, taxes, and assessments are handled on time.  Usually a property manager is located near your property, so they are readily available to show your property to potential tenants.  This is an advantage if you are no longer living in the area.  An effective local Property Manager is proactive- identifying problems and correcting them before they impact your bottom line!

Not only will your time be working for you, but your money will be too!

Concord manages over $20 million in real estate, generating over $2 million dollars in revenue income for our clients. 

Hire a professional Property Manager to protect your investment. 

**Licensed and insured**


Concord strives to make sure your properties provide sound investments for your future. 

Concord Property Management provides all the services required by residential rental property owners.

Concord has agents on staff with the education, accreditation and experience to serve the needs of its clients.  With licensed and insured home improvement contractors on staff, Concord can prepare estimates for its clients for larger jobs or provide "handyman" type services for its clients.  With accredited lead  inspectors and abatement supervisors on staff, Concord can assist its clients with the knowledge and services necessary to comply with the laws for rental housing in Maryland.  In addition, Concord has licensed home inspectors on staff who can assist its clients with the laws and requirements required of rental property owners in areas of Maryland.  The background of knowledge and expertise Concord brings to its clients reassures them that their interests and their properties are in good hands.

Handyman Services available by licensed and experienced professionals.

Owning rental properties can be very rewarding.  Managing them on the other hand is very demanding.

What to consider when hiring a Property Management Company:


Should you hire a property manager to handle the day to day operations of your rental property unit(s)?


Effective Owner Management requires: 


(1) Knowledge of Landlord/Tenant law.  Without this knowledge you could be leaving yourself open to lawsuits and fines.


(2) Time and expense spent visiting properties. Regular visits to check on the condition of the property, perform emergency maintenance or show vacant units is required when you have a rental property. You must spend a lot of time in transit. 


(3)  Responsibility for repairs and maintenance. A diverse range of skills to perform maintenance is needed to properly maintain a rental unit. If you are not well-versed in many areas, you will continuously spend revenue on repair services. 


(4)  Effective tenant screening. Replacing a problem tenant decreases profit.  Thorough screening is a must.  Experience is critical when making a selection.


(5)  Ability to deal with difficult tenants.  A landlord needs to stand firm in the face of adversity and enforce the rules of the lease. Owners run the risk of being taken advantage of by tenants when personally involved in the situation.


Benefits of Hiring Concord Property Management: 


(1)  Increased Revenue.  Concord is more experienced at advertising and usually has access to a larger pool of potential renters, meaning units typically stay vacant for shorter periods of time. Concord also has a better understanding of the local rental rates, putting clients in a position to maximize the amount they can charge per property.


(2) More free time.  You have handed over the responsibility so you are now free to enjoy the benefits of hiring outside help. Concord becomes the owner's one point of contact for all things related the property. Your extra time can be used to expand your portfolio and focus on growing the business.


(3)  Reduced direct costsConcord is able to perform preventative maintenance, reducing the direct costs to you the Owner. Concord has over 20 years’ experience screening tenants which reduces the vacancy cycles and damages from poorly screened tenants to your investment.  Concord has extensive knowledge of the local landlord/tenant laws to help shield Owners from costly lawsuits and loss of rent.  Time Owners spend working on a rental property is "free" to the IRS- costs related to having Concord oversee your investment is 100% tax-deductible.


Stay Tuned!

Concord Property Management, LLC. is always updating its properties!

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Convenient online application process. Links located under each listing.




  • Call Concord before applying for any property to make sure property is still available.           
  • $39.95 Application Fee for each occupant 18 years and older.
  • A copy of your application can be sent to you via email if you choose not to apply online.
  • Government Issued Identification copies.
  • Completed paper Rental Application or Online Rental Application, Authorization for Tenancy Verification, Application Checklist, FCRA Summary of Rights.
  • Payment for Application Fee can be made with CASH, MONEY ORDER, CREDIT CARD, VENMO AND CASH APP
  • Rents are subject to change due to promotions- please call the office for updated pricing information.

Or Download the PDFs to Print for Submission

Rental Application Checklist
Rental Application Checklist.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [10.4 KB]
Rental Application
Rental Application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [82.3 KB]
Authorization to Release Information
Applicant's Authorization to Release Inf[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [147.0 KB]
FCRA Summary of RIghts
FCRA Summary of Rights.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [24.0 KB]

CONCORD screens applicants on a First-come, First-serve basis, so your application will be processed on its own merit and not in comparison with others.

NO REFUNDS can be provided by screening agency. 

Resourceful Links:

Baltimore City: CityView- Provides maps, lot outlines, neighborhood info, public schools, plus aerial photos


Baltimore County’s My Neighborhood: Provides maps, lot outlines, aerial photos, and more


Anne Arundel County Government Website:


Baltimore City Government Website:


Baltimore County Government Website: 


Harford County Government Website:


Maryland Judicial Case Search:



 Concord Property Management is always looking for ways to increase our communication with our clients. In our efforts to do so, we have created this Newsletter to keep you up to date on any changes with the rental regulations within your county/city property/court jurisdiction. View the latest editions of the newsletters by clicking below!


Now Introducing: Docusign

Concord now offers Docusign for its clients to conveniently sign from a computer or mobile device!

Online Rent Payments Available via Rentshare:


$1.95 fee per bank account payment

2.99% fee per credit/debit card payment
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The best protection is early detection!

Let our Concord family show your family the way home.

We make being a Landlord a wise investment.

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Essex Office: 105 Eastern Blvd, Office                          Baltimore, MD 21221


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Call Concord before applying for any property.

*Applications submitted through a third-party company cannot be refunded*

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