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2701 Grier Nursery Road, 21050



22 Parkin Street, 21201



4325 Sheldon Avenue, 21206

984 Dalton Avenue, 21224

744 Olive Wood Lane, 21225

8555 Morven Road, 21234

Congratulations to our clients on the purchase of their next rental property.

Increasing the portfolio one deal at a time. 

8615 Willow Oak Road, 21234

Congratulations to our clients on the purchase of their next rental property.

Increasing the portfolio one deal at a time. 

5711 The Alameda, 21239


Congratulations to our client on the sale of their Investment property.



           "Thank You, Tonya! It was a pleasure working with you." (Agent)


"Thank You Tonya, always a pleasure working with you." (Universal Title Team)


55 Dendron Court, Unit #55, 21234

Congratulations to our first time home buyers on the purchase of their condo.





"Thank you so much Tonya for your help in the process, we really appreciate all the showings, patience, advice and positivism as we all navigated this crazy market. It's been a lot of weekends, late nights, contract write-ups and we can't be more grateful for your support. We are happy with the final choice, it's just perfect for what we need.  We'll have something to celebrate in July!"(Buyers)

2928 & 2934 Yorkway, 21222

Congratulations to our long time client on the sale of both of his investment properties.



"Intelligent and professional. There are so many great things I could say about my experience with Tonya,  I'll keep it short and sweet. Her knowledge and experience from the start to the closing made the process effortless for me.  The property sold fast and at a great price!"

Review submitted by Joseph (seller)

7952 Eastdale Road, 21224

Congratulations to our client on the sale of his investment  property!  

8720 Wendell Avenue, 21234

Congratulations to our client on the sale of her investment  property!  


"Working with Tonya was a real pleasure. She is knowledgeable, personable, and on top of her game. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing to sell a house. She really is invested in doing the best job possible in selling your house."

Review submitted by Kathy (Seller)

8313 Hillendale Road, 21234

Congratulations to our client on the purchase of their investment  property!  

8550 Willow Oak Road, 21234

Congratulations to our client on the sale of his investment  property!  

1132 Battery Avenue,  21230

Congratulations to our client on the sale of his investment  property!  



Tonya is an astute, brilliant and very competent real estate broker and businesswoman. She managed our investment property for a decade and delivered each and every time from screening qualified tenants to undertaking routine maintenance to managing complex repairs. We knew Tonya was the right person to market the property when we decided to sell it. It was the most seamless real estate transaction we've ever experienced. She approached each situation from multiple angles so she gaves us the entire envelope for consideration. We felt empowered to make the right decisions. We sold our property without any hiccups for maximum value, and we're grateful for her matter-of-fact and strategic approach from listing all the way to closing.

 Dagmawi Dejene (Seller)

340 S Bentalou Street, 21223

Congratulations to our client on the sale of his investment  property!       


"Tonya was wonderful to work with. Her knowledge of Real Estate and the market got a higher than listing price offer and sale on my property. I never thought I would receive such a high price let alone even get an offer because of the area. Tonya kept me informed and calm throughout the process. If you are serious about selling your Real Estate, then Tonya is the person."

Joel (Seller)


3 Payson Avenue, 21228


Congratulations to our client on the sale of her multi- family investment property!

     5 N Hilton Street, 21229


        Congratulations to our client on the sale of their investment property!

" I recently listed my property with Tonya Lurz at Douglas Realty.  I was concerned that it would be a long hard road to sell the property due to its location.  Tonya was never concerned and told me "let me work my magic" and she did!  The house sold in less than a month to a cash buyer that paid full asking price and waived all inspections.  I would recommend Tonya to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.  She will certainly be my agent for any new purchases or selling of my real estate."


"My success is measured by your satisfaction!"


Tonya Lurz, Associate Broker with Douglas Realty, LLC
Agent: 410-905-4353
Office: 410-255-3690




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        Smoke Detector Laws

Referencing Real Estate

Topic: CNTG/No KO   and   CNTG/KO


CNTG/No KO: is a simplified for of Contingent with No Kick-Out, which means that ther IS a ratified contract on a home and there are contengencies in place that prevent it from being classified as a Contract at this time. There are many contengencies that can be put into a contract and that would place a contract into the category of Contingent with No Kick-Out, such as Home Inspection Contingency, Appraisal Contingency, Financing Contingency, etc... Once all of the contingencies are satisfied and removed, then the status would become Contract.


CNTG/KO: is a simplified form of Contingent with a Kick-Out. Contingent with a Kick-Out differs from a Contingent with No Kick-Out in the fact that there is at least one Contingency in place that makes the current contract eligible to be "Kicked-Out" of its contract status. Take for example, a buyer writes an offer that has  contingency that they must sell their home in order to close on the property that the offer is writtenon, the seller accepts all of the terms and the offer becomes a ratified contract, then this contract is classified as Contingent with a Kick-Out. While this contingencyis still in effect with the current contract, other offers may be placed on this home, this is where the term 'Kick-Out' comes in to play.  


What does it mean if a property is:

  • Active?
  • Active under Contract?
  • Closed?
  • Coming Soon?
  • Temporarily off the Market?
  • Expired?
  • Pending?
  • Withdrawn?
  • Cancelled?
Listing Status Definitions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [94.4 KB]

Learn about the negative effects Pet Odors can have on selling you property!


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  • "A very positive and informative sales transaction.
    Tonya began the process by evaluating the home and giving us recommendations for prepping the home. We used her recommendations and they ultimately led to a brisk selling. I value her advice and strongly recommend hiring her,to anyone selling a home."
    -Mr. Cicero


  • "Thank you again Tonya. We feel blessed to have met you. You had our best interests at heart and never gave up on us." 

           - Mindy & Steve


  • "Just a quick note to say “thanks again” for your critical role in making the sale of our townhouse happen.  You’ve guided us through this since the beginning and we deeply appreciate your professional advice and counsel along the way.  This has been a win-win for all and Dan and I are deeply appreciative."

          - Jacqueline


  • "Where do we begin...the memories, good laughs and crazy stories. You have been a pleasure to work with and you’re not getting away that fast either LOL. Thank you for your help, guidance and assistance along this process it's been a long but well worth waiting for. We look forward to working with you again on the investment property and building our real estate portfolio."

        - Kameron & Solomon 

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